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Jul 21, 2020 at 01:50 PM

SAP Analytics Cloud OData Import job to ask user credentials


Dear experts,

I have a model which is extracting data from Odata datasource. After first load it is stored as a job, but even in my Odata connection I have selected Basic authentication, this job does not ask for user password but uses the first uploaders credentials.

My Odata service is located at SAP on-premise and according to username supplied data region should change.

We do not want to create Import jobs for every user but we expect system to ask user/password when a user triggers Refresh job. Is there a setting for this job to be triggered by user password entry?

We found out in OSS Note 2884665 there is a setting in Odata connection string, but it did not helped..

"OData Service URL uses ?auth=b parameter to force Basic Authentication to be used, bypassing SAML authentication"