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POD quantity may not be negative (please correct difference quantities)


We're using SAP 4.6C version, batch management and POD.

One of the users accidentally put wrong quantity during VLPOD for one item, example as follows:

Item: A

DO Qty = 237,98 KG.

Batch 1 = 56,09 KG.

Batch 2 = 181,89 KG (the total is 237,98 KG, same as DO Qty).

When user confirmed POD, the quantity as follows:

Batch 1 - Qty = 56,09 KG, Difference Qty = 2,48 KG, so POD Qty = 53,61 KG.

Batch 2 - Qty = 181,89 KG, Difference Qty = 181,89 KG, so POD Qty = 0 KG (this is where user did wrong input).

In VLPOD, when user pressed the red cross icon for canceling POD, system gave this message:

POD quantity may not be negative (please correct difference quantities)
Message no. VL 689

I browsed through forum and found notes 674503 and 1434757, but unfortunately, due to internal policy, I don't have access to user ID that can view the SAP Notes.

How are we suppose to cancel the POD and fix the Difference Qty when system doesn't even allow us to cancel POD by giving VL 689 error message?


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jul 28, 2020 at 03:39 AM

    As Veselina Peykova suggested, applying SAP Notes of 674503 actually solves the problem.

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  • Posted on Jul 21, 2020 at 05:29 AM

    In this specific case you really need to find a person in your company who has access to the support portal.

    The notes which you mention, are correction notes, not consulting notes. This means you implement code changes with these.

    By the way, 1434757 is not relevant to your release. 674503 is for fixing problems with rounding in POD, also does not seem to fit what you describe.

    There are a few correction notes about batches, but they are for IS-OIL and they are about invoiced quantity, so it does not seem to be the problem described by you, either.

    I cannot reproduce your case exactly, because I am not on the same version as you. I encounter this message not when I press the cancellation button, but when I change the quantities after cancellation. In such case what I do is remove the reason for difference and set the difference quantity to zero.

    There is a note 219143 - After auto batch determination in the delivery the POD quantity in tx VLPOD will be wrong for correcting specific problems related to batch split and proof of delivery, but again the resolution requires implementing correction notes, you cannot do this without a S-user with access to the support portal.

    I can only recommend that you find who in your organization has access to the support portal for reading notes, read the note that I mentioned, read also the linked notes, and if this fits your specific case - to organize the implementation of the notes and test the outcome in a suitable environment.

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    • Trisno Syariyanto

      Updating SD documents directly on table level is almost never a good idea.

      Try debugging to find out why exactly the message is raised (assuming that this is an error and that you cannot proceed further) and based on this information look for correction reports. The idea is to find where you have an inconsistency so that you can try fixing it (so far it is not clear what is the actual problem).

      If the message is not an error, but warning or info message - try cancelling the confirmation, then remove the reason for difference and clear the difference quantity.

      If I were you, I would put the effort in finding out how to cancel the POD and reset the quantities instead of trying to update the quantities directly.

      There are some correction reports for POD cancellation, 480633 - POD confirmation cannot be cancelled (Correction report) for example, but you have to investigate first what is the root cause and then use it to correct the data.