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Jul 20, 2020 at 05:23 PM

Report data in Excel needs to display the complete text by performing 'Wrap Test'


Location Report-IssueHi Support Team,

As part of the report requirements we are using 'SAP Crystal Reports 2016 Support Pack 7' and we want the report to be generated in Excel 97-2003.

I am attaching file 'Location Report-Issue' and I highlighted the cells AJ and AK. We have data with 303 characters in length ( in Database the Column size is 4000) and in AK field under rows 12,13,14 only 66 characters are displayed. So, I made changes for field AJ under Format Field, Common, 'can grow' and gave the maximum size as 12. Data for all the 303 characters are displayed, but the column is expanded vertically. I want the cell size to remain same and the data to be displayed in the cell when it is selected. So, please help to provide your suggestions. In the file 'Location Report-Expected', the expected cell format is displayed. location-report-issue.pnglocation-report-expected.png