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Jul 20, 2020 at 05:25 AM

Solution Manager system copy from Production to Development



We have upgraded our production solution manager to 7.2. We are now performing a system copy from production to development (using SWPM) however we are not able to perform the post refresh steps: automated tasklist (STC02) because the tasklist was created in the older version of Solution Manager (7.1).

When we are executing the tasklist, the error is:

Task list SAP_BW_BASIS_COPY_REFRESH_CONFIG has changed; execution of                                                             run SAP_BW_BASIS_COPY_REFRESH_CONFIG_20191024042834882 denied
Message No. STC_TM281
The task list run has been created based on a different task list version.
System Response
The execution of the task list run is rejected by default to avoid data loss.
Check the software level of your system. To avoid data loss, the task                                                             list run should only be continued if the current software level equals                                                              the software level when the task list run has been created. The software                                                            may have changed e.g. by applying SAP notes or support packages in between.
It is possible to continue the task list run execution. But then it is                                                            very likely that the execution will lead to data loss because tasks are                                                             missing in the old or new task list version or task implementations have changed.

What is the best workaround to finish the post-refresh process? Can you please point me to a documentation that can help?