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Jul 17, 2020 at 01:23 PM

Data Intelligence: Dynamic SQL functions are not working in open connector SQL Operator

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Hi Team,

I am trying to use Open connector SQL Consumer Operator in a graph to fetch incidents from ServiceNOW.

But I am not able to use dynamic SQL functions in WHERE clause. (WHERE "sys_updated_on" > '2020-07-16' --> is working fine)

Below is the SQL I am using.

SELECT "number", "opened_at", "closed_at", "assigned_to"
FROM incidents 
WHERE "sys_updated_on" >= add_days(current_date,-1)

Below is the error:

Group messages: 
Group: default; Messages: Graph failure: flowagenttableproducer1 failed with the following error: HTTP 400 Bad Request: {"requestId":"5f0f259ae4b0d503xxxxxxxx","message":"com.cloudelements.executor.service.query.expression.BaseFieldNameExpression cannot be cast to com.cloudelements.executor.service.query.expression.BaseFieldValueExpression"} 
Pod is failed. Container is terminated. Error. ExitCode=1. Signal=0

Can someone help me to solve this error.

Thanks in advance.