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Jul 17, 2020 at 07:57 PM

[HANA Studio] Calculated column not being aggregated correctly

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Hi Experts I encounter a problem while I am trying to aggregate (sum) a calculated column which was created in another Aggregation node from another Calculation view.

Calculation View : TEST2

1. Projection 1 (Plain projection of another query)

2. Aggregation 1 Sum Amount_LC by HKONT and Unique_document_identifier. In the aggregation, a calculated column Clearing_sum is created with the following formular:

[Question 1] The result of this calculation in raw data preview makes sense for me but the result in Analysis tab seems incorrect. What is the cause of this different output between Analysis and Raw Data?

I thought that it might be the case that, instead of summing up, the analysis uses the formular of Clearing_sum since it is in the same node.

So I tried creating a new Calculation (TEST3) with a projection on this TEST2 (all columns included) and ran to see the output. I still get the same output (correct raw data but incorrect analysis).

[QUESTION 2] How can I get my desired result? (e.g. the sum of Clearing_sum for the highlighted row should be 2 according to Raw data tab). I also tried enabling the Client-side aggregation in the Calculated column, but it did not help.

Thank you very much for your help.


projection1.png (113.1 kB)
aggregation1.png (126.0 kB)
rawdata.png (61.4 kB)
test3.png (82.2 kB)
analysis2.png (64.3 kB)