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Jul 16, 2020 at 01:57 PM

Issue with Unable fet TCodes of the table used.


I want to fetch the TCodes in which a certain table or table field has been used.

I tried using 'RFC_READ_TABLE' FM, however, for few tables, eg. /SDF/BPM_ASTAD2, it throws an exception, 'DATA_BUFFER_EXCEEDED'. I need the data of the 'TCODE' column of this table. I also tried with 'BBP_RFC_READ_TABLE' FM, but it also threw the same error.

I also came across 'RS_INFOSYSTEM_CREATE_REQUEST' FM, while surfing through other questions, but couldn't understand the usage of the mandatory parameters.

Am I missing anything here.

Is there any other FM or program, that perhaps can provide me the where-used list for a table or a table-field in whichever TCodes it has been used?