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Jul 16, 2020 at 09:23 AM

Can we hide Stories in a folder of SAP Analytics cloud


Hi Members,

For our requirement, we have used SAC stories to build functional dashboards and as there are multiple stories, we have used digital boardroom to weave the stories into single bigger dashboards for the management to consume it.

Users are expected to open and use only the digital boardroom and not expected to utilize stories as they are already present in digital boardroom.

When we publish the stories and digital boardroom for users, they are seeing digital boardroom and stories both. This is confusing few end users to open stories and not digital board room. Ideally they should just see Digital boardroom and not anything else.

We have tried it to solve it via training and documentation but best way is to be able to hide the stories in the folder itself rather than maintaining them in multiple folders and manage there security structure.

So wanted to check if there is any way to hide stories in folder, without maintaining multiple folders and securities.