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Jul 22, 2020 at 03:41 AM

Data Retraction - Time dimension



We build a process to retract data from Revenue model to BW. Now we found an issue when the file updated in AL11, it posting wrong values for some of the entries. My transnational data for current cycle loaded fiscal year 2020 i.e 2020.APR to 2021.MAR. And the time dimension MD maintained correctly as 2020001 to 2020012.

But when we checked the AL11 file, the entries for 2021.JAN, 2021.FEB, 2021.MAR are coming as 2021010, 2021011 and 2021012 which as actually incorrect. We tried to de-bug the BADI, the input data coming as 2021010 and so on.

We also have the retraction process for other models and there we don't have any issues with TIME. We tried to replicated the scenario in quality system and posted data for fiscyear 2020 and ran the retraction, surprisingly the AL11 file contains correct data (2020010, 2020011 and 2020012).

Can anyone pls suggest what could be wrong?

We re on BPC 10.1 and SP16.