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Jul 22, 2020 at 06:15 PM

BW/4 HANA Conversion In-Place - Source system



I have a doubt regarding source system conversion. When we get to the step “Define Object Mapping and Store Object List” in RSB4HTRF and if datasource is part of the object list there will be a line item for LSYS (Logical system ) conversion also. As of now we are having SAPI Datasources from ECC and it has to convert to ODP datasources. My BW system is already having an ODP(Extractor) source system established manually.

  1. What name should I give in target source system field of LSYS conversion line ? Can we give the already created ODP extractor source system ?
  2. What will happen to existing SAPI source system ? Will it get replaced if so what will happen to other datasources not yet converted?
  3. There is a separeate line for ODP BW source system and it is dependent on datasources. Why do we need to have a BW ODP source system ?

Really appreciate if you can help on above points