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Jul 21, 2020 at 12:46 PM

Error message FR102


Hi experts,

I am working on preparing a consolidated balance sheet for 7 company codes.

two company code in europe with chart of account A .

the others company code in USA with chart of account B.

I created a new chart of account C with the name consolidated chart of account.

Then I assigned this C into chart of account A and B in tcode ob13. After that, I created the GL accounts in chart of account C using Tcode FSP0 only chart of account view. When to FS00 and updated the group account number coloumn in the first tab.

Then i tried to create the consolidated balance sheet with the chart of account in OB58.

When I executed transactions F.01 and F.08 using the chart of account C, I'm getting the error message no. FR102 "Company codes and charts of accounts entered are incompatible."

Please guide me with the steps i need to follow to prepare a consolidated balancesheet in the above mentioned scenario.