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Jul 21, 2020 at 05:15 AM

How to Call 2 Different Rule for base entitlement for leave accrual Sick Leave


Dear Experts,

Dear Team, We have requirement to Upload the SL Sick leave data through Standard program PT60 with standard schema used as TM04 as per Country Grp 16.

Requirement: Sick Leave entitlement: - During the first 6 Months of Employment, employee will get 1 day Sick Leave for every 26 days of worked. - After 6 Months of Continuous Service, Employees are entitled to Maximum of 30 Days Leave for 3 Year Cycle. - All the Sick will leave will lapse on the end of 3 Years cycle and new cycle of 3 Year will start with 30 days Leave.

I have done the Config to generate SL till 6 months through Base entitlement rule 001 seq no 001 but getting stucked in calling second base entitlement 002 with rule 002 continuous in Table/View V_T559L,So that after 6 months completion 30 leave quota will be generated for 3 years time, 3 yrs quota generation config done in second rule,How to call second rule please throw some light to help and rectify my issue asap.


HCM Team