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Jul 20, 2020 at 08:33 PM

Cloud Integration CPI - iFlow Properties getting mixed in parallel processing

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Hi experts,

We're triggering some massive and parallel tests in CPI and within a JS script we try to get a property information (message.getProperty() ), and it's returning data from another iFlow ( the same iflow which is running in parallel ) and the payload gets mixed information.

Have you ever been through this situation?

Flow execution steps:

1. iFlow with a Timer and an asynchronous SOAP receiver adapter

2. iFlow with a SOAP sender adapter where retrieves the pending payloads batch to be processed and within a loop deliveries a batch to another SOAP asynchronous receiver SOAP endpoint one by one.

3.iFlow that send to information to S/4Hana through oData adapter.

The issue happens at the second step, inside the mentioned JS before sending information to S/4Hana.

Bellow the step rigth before getting the property jsonDocumento to buit the payload, we can see the "chaveExterna": "TESTEBOB-93207" key field.

And here the next step where the data get mixed with other Message from the same process, where the documentoEtapaSend that's built by the previous jsonDocumento property get the wrong material as "Material":"TESTE-BOBV2-92306".

PS: we've checked that the Message ID is unique but the Correlation ID of the parallel messages are the same.

Any ideas please share with us!

Thanks and best regards.


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after.png (221.4 kB)