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Jul 21, 2020 at 10:30 AM

SAP connector - Client or Server...


Hi dear community,

Can you please share your opinion for the following thing.

The company that used SAP ERP system registers the values of the incoming inventory in its system. This company needs to transmit these value periodically from the ERP system to another middleware which is out of the organisation. For example, today in SAP the company registered that 5 car doors arrived and the price per each is 500 EUR. Then another company, which is not using SAP is receiving this data, and make necessary records in its own system.

So my question is, if to use for this purpose the SAP connector, who needs to make the development? Is it the company that already has an SAP, or this is the company, which is not using the SAP system and must receive the values through its middleware to process further, or both of them needs to make development?

Thanks a lot beforehand