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Jul 18, 2020 at 08:11 AM

Connecting to CP Neo Service from ABAP


Hi All,

We have an OAuth (both Auth code and client credential) protected provider service running in Cloud platform Neo.

Now the consumer of this service will subscribe to it and use a custom IDP (without IAS) as a trust.

We now want the service to be connected from S/4 or even ECC systems.

I understand that OAuth SAML bearer flow will work considering the necessary configurations are done on the SCP consumer account and S/4 side like establishing trust between the systems, SAML attribute mapping ,registering OAuth clients.

I would like to know if OAuth client credentials can also work in this scenario. Can CP act as an OAuth server and generate a token which can be used by the consuming application ? I understand that In this case the custom IDP configured is not used at all.

I understand the complete OAuth capabilities are not available in some ECC systems where we have to do all the Client side OAuth handling manually.

Best Regards,