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Jul 17, 2020 at 04:10 AM

Image Not Showing Using Parameters

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hi.. i have a problem with crystal report. (im using visual studio 2019 / visual basic .net) i have a picture in the report with a parameter attach to it. in the windows form, when i try to preview the report, the image will not show up. i passed a value to the parameter using the code below:

myReport.SetParameterValue("paramImagePath", imagePath) 

'myReport is the instance of the report

paramImagePath is the name of the parameter in the report

'imagePath is the variable i use.

when im using a variable, the image will not show up. i checked the value of the variable many time, it is the same with the manually inputted path of the image.

but when i input the path of the image manually, like the code below :

 myReport.SetParameterValue("paramImagePath", "E:\From Drive D\VB Net Activities\BrgyPoblacion\BrgyPoblacion\Images\1.png")

the image will show up. what seems to be the problem.

please help regards.