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Jul 16, 2020 at 02:49 PM

RE-FX Legacy data migration using BUS1505_CREATE


Hello Community,

Does anybody have experience of using the BAPI BUS1505_CREATE via LSMW to create RE-FX lease contracts?

I'm receiving an error relating to this part of the structure E1BP_RE_TERM_CE_DAT - the error message 'BAPI Error occured during processing of table/field TERM_EVALUATION

I've tested the underlying BAPI BAPI_RE_CN_CREATE and this successfully creates a contract although I had to create asset master and provide the asset id in the field just as 'assetid' - the field handling appears different using the BUS1505_CREATE I'm not sure if asset needs to be nnnn/assetid/0 (this is how it is populated using BAPI_RE_CN_GET_DETAIL)

nnnn = company code

assetid = asset master

0 = sub asset

Anyone with experience of using this BAPI please get in touch - thank you