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Jul 15, 2020 at 10:06 PM

Authenticate to Google API via OAuth 2.0 from CAI



I'm creating a bot that needs access to a specific Google Calendar account (not an account per end-user of the bot).

I've been able to implement the GET operations (e.g. reading a list of public events in my calendar) successfully using an API key provided by Google.

However, I have so far been unsuccessful at getting POST operations (e.g. creating a new event) to work. For these, it is required to authenticate via OAuth2.

  • I have setup the application in the Google Developer console and activate the corresponding Google Calendar API.
  • I have created OAuth 2.0 credentials, which gives my a client ID and a client secret.
  • I have put "" as the redirect URL in the configuration of the OAuth 2.0 credentials in Google Developer console but I'm unsure if this is correct.
  • I have created an authentication template in my SAP CAI bot set to mode "OAuth2 Authentication" and supplied the client ID and the client secret and the authorization URL

However, this is not working. When trying this skill and activating debug mode, I get:

Warning: An API error has been detected on

"Error while calling API"

Which steps are missing or which settings are incorrect to enable this to work?

Many thanks and best regards