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Jul 21, 2020 at 01:16 PM

Exit variable for BEx Broadcaster - get settings ID at runtime


Dear all.

I'm facing a problem with using an exit variable for 0calday (not ready for input) in a query that is used in the Broadcaster.
This query contains a variable for plant that is ready for input. This value is defined in the Broadcaster setting. Meaning it is stored in the table RSRD_SETT_NODE_A.

So far so good...

My exit variable (that is loaded correct and also running correct for web and Analyzer) should read the value that is set in the plant variable. It is called in the step 2. The problem is, that the value for the variable is not in the internal table (i_t_var_range) for the variables but in the db table RSRD_SETT_NODE_A when it is used via the Broadcaster. So in this case I have to read that RSRD... table and get the value from there.

But my problem is that I didn't have the broadcaster setting id to select the correct entry from the table.
I didn't find any method or function that gets this ID in the variable exit (RSROA_VARIABLES_EXIT is used).

So my concrete question is if someone has an idea how I can get the broadcaster settings id during the abap runtime?

Hope I could describe my problem understandable... ;-)
Thanks a lot in advance for any hints and ideas.

Best regards,