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Jul 21, 2020 at 06:29 AM

Partial payment and interest against Loans


good day

I have taken loan 100,000 with 2% interest for 1 year. I want to make the payment 60,000 after 6 months .I have used product category 550.can we do partial repayment of interest but on ad hoc basis.

I can see some posting "

SAP delivers three: Final, Annuity and Partial. If you use partial, it'll let you select frequency and if you do not put a desired amount, it will calculate equal payments based on the frequency. I put some snapshots together. These options are great if you want the system to calculate it automatically for you. "

the interest repayment is infrequent. the period cant be determined.

I cant decrease the principal because, we don't want to reduce the original principal amount lend. we want to reduce the interest portion only