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Jul 20, 2020 at 09:52 AM

Release strategy value check


We have a value based release strategy for Purchase Requisitions e.g. first release > 20000, second release >50000, third release >100000 etc.

It is a new requirement from our cost accounting department that they check items over a certain value. They want this value to be variable in that, over time, they would start checking all items over 10000, but once the process is embedded they would only be interested in items over 40000 and so on.

I could meet their requirement [10000] by having a zero level release of >10000 in the example I provided, but this would mean reconfiguring the release strategy every time the "variable" value changes. If they decided they wanted to change the check to the 40000 threshold, I would then need to remove the 10000 check and insert a step between the 20000 and 50000 release levels [codes].

Has anyone encountered a requirement like this and, if so, how have you catered for it?

Thanks and regards, Lara