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Jul 20, 2020 at 07:10 AM

EOIO order issue after message split



we have an EOIO issue with following SAP PI (7.5 – Java Only) scenario.

A JDBC adapter reads entries from a database (poll cycle = 60 sec). An operation mapping creates via message split an IDOC for each record of the resultset. (In dependency of the payload a CREATE, CHANGE or DELETE – IDOC).

An EJB adapter module of the IDOC receiver channel dynamically sets the queue ID wit a value from the payload.

During a mass test following error occurred. With the first query PI retrieved a huge number of data records. As soon as PI finished the mapping (with the split), PI set the state DLVD to the query message and starts to process the next query-message even some of the created IDOCs have not been delivered successfully to the receiver system (SAP S/4).

So it happened that a DELETE IDOC of the second query was delivered before the change IDOC of the first query.

Does anyone of you have a suggestion hwo to avoid / fix this issue? The configuration should be clean (EOIO Flag of the sender channel, “Maintain Order at Runtime” of the operation mapping and Queueprocessing of the IDOC adapter are all set).

Thanks and best reagrds,