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Jul 18, 2020 at 12:40 PM

SAP BW and SAP Basis List of activities when ECC Quality system is getting refreshed .


Hi Every one .

There is a plan to refresh our Client's SAP ECC QA system from ECC Prod system in couple of days . This SAP ECC Quality system is connected to SAP BW Quality system. I am basically BW consultant and mainly i am concerned of role and list of actvities need to be performed in BW System by a BW consultant / Basis Consultant.

I dont have prior experience in working on these type of projects . I am assigned to this Project and i will have to take the ownership of all the activites and need to complete this Project . I need your help in providing the answers/Suggestions to below listed questions . I have gone thorugh some threads from SCN forums but did not understand clearly .

1.What is system refresh activity in SAP ? ( What exactly will hapen , will tables data in ECC Prod will be copied to QA or anything else ?

2.Why system refresh activity needs to be performed in an organization?(What is the standard /General need of it ?)

3.What happens when system refresh activity happens ( Will Data Overwrite / Structure will overwrite in the target system with the source system )

4.If SAP ECC Quality system is getting refreshed from Prodcution (Source system is: Production and target system is SAP ECC Quality ) and it got connected to BW Quality system . What are the list of activites need to be perfored in BW and Basis point of view ?

5.Pre Refresh activities (BW and BASIS)

6.During Refresh activites (BW and Basis)

7.After refresh activities (BW and Basis)

8.List of Pre requisites need to be performed (BW and Basis)when System refresh happens?

9.What are the list of risks if this activity is not perfored correctly?

10. If we perfrom system refresh activity in ECC , will there any channce of BW objects gets affectected in BW system? ( As per my understanding ... except process chains , Data sources nothing will be impacted . Please correct me if my understanding is wrong )

Thanks alot in advance