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Jul 17, 2020 at 04:17 PM

Change pointer "UPD_KNBK_IBAN" is not updated in BTE 1321 FM CMD_CUSTOMER_BTE_1321_IMPL


i need to validate the change in the customer bank details and based on the change perform business validation. For the same using BTE 1321 as it works for all the cases XD / BP transactions.

Now for test, i made a change in the IBAN of the bank and save, but in the BTE,

1. import parameter UPD_KNBK_IBAN is still Initial and the table variables T_XKNBK_IBAN & T_YKNBK_IBAN also blank.

2. for XD01-> if i also enter sales organization for extending existing customer - KNBK table is also not getting populated. (Blank)

please suggest what is the issue or any other enhancement i can use for the purpose.