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Apr 17, 2006 at 03:45 AM

Help: How to add serial number data into Delivery Order document


Dear Gurus,

I am creating an interface program and I have problem in attaching the serial number data to the corresponding material code for a certain delivery order document in R/3 4.6C SP22 system.

The serial number can be attached either during the creation of the Delivery Order itself or in the subsequent step after creating the Delivery Order (i.e.: create the D/O document first, and then update the D/O data).

The BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC FM does not provide any input parameter to let me put the serial number in this R/3 version.

By tracing in SE30 the standard program VL02N --> Menu --> Extras --> Serial Number --> Continue (Enter) --> Save (Ctrl+S), I found out that the serial attachment 'might' be done during sub-routine SERIAL_LISTE_POST_LS in program SAPLIPW1. It will in turn executes FM SERIAL_LISTE_POST_LS. The commit to database table will be done in update task by FM OBJK_POST_UPDATE_N and SERIAL_POST_UPDATE_LS.

<b>My question:</b>


1. Is FM SERNR_ADD_TO_LS can be used to attach the serial number to D/O?

If yes, how to do it please because I already tried it I can not see the serial information in VL02N after that. There is no any insert or update to database in this function module. Should I call other FM after this? I want to try to call FM OBJK_POST_UPDATE_N and SERIAL_POST_UPDATE_LS but I do not know how I can retrieve the global object such as XOBJK_ALL that is necessary for the input parameter.

2. If SERNR_ADD_TO_LS can not be used, what other FM can I use? Can I call SERIAL_LISTE_POST_LS instead? Is there any reliable way to generate the import parameter for this FM, such as XSER00, XSER01, XOBJK_ALL and XEQUI?

Thank you in advanced for your kind assistance.

Best Regards,