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Jul 16, 2020 at 07:37 PM

OWHS and OIGN table relationship

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Hey guys!

I'm doing a query and crashed in a list of tables.
When I use OWHS, the query returns nothing. When I remove the same OWHS table it works normally.
I tried to change OING to ING1, but the error still persists.

I need a light!

T4."DocDate", T2."WhsCode", T3."WhsName", T0."ItmsGrpNam", T1."ItemCode", T1."ItemName", T1."InvntryUom", T2."OnHand", T1."U_RSD_PesoBruto", T1."U_RSD_UN_Conversao", T2."AvgPrice" 

INNER  JOIN OITM T1  ON  T1."ItmsGrpCod" = T0."ItmsGrpCod"   
INNER  JOIN OITW T2  ON  T2."ItemCode" = T1."ItemCode"   
INNER  JOIN OWHS T3  ON  T3."WhsCode" = T2."WhsCode"   
INNER  JOIN OIGN T4  ON  T4."Filler" = T3."WhsCode"  AND  T4."ToWhsCode" = T3."WhsCode"   


T4."DocDate" >= [%0] 

Thankful right now!