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Jul 16, 2020 at 12:05 PM

VFBS - Screen Sequence Control - T185F entry for Custom Program


Issue with maintaining Screen Sequence Control

Requirement is to copy IW41 to ZIW41. I copied the function group CORU to ZPM_CORU_COPY.

The master program generated for this custom object is SAPLZPM_CORU_COPY.

The Custom transaction ZIW41 did not load - on debugging understood entries needs to be made in below tables

  1. T490 - To add Custom Tcode - Done
  2. TC10 - Initial values table. Made entry and mapped it to master program: SAPLZPM_CORU_COP

But now I am not able to go past check for T185F check - for Screen Sequence control .

The program is making a call to FM 'SCREEN_SEQUENCE_CONTROL_INIT' with custom program name as : SAPLZPM_CORU_COPY

And it is looking for entry in table T185F with Application Area (AGIDV) = SAPLZPM_CORU_COPY.

I tried maintaining the table 185F using VFBS transaction, but it does not allow entry as the program name is not starting with Z* - . I am very confused it’s a custom program and name is SAPLZPM_CORU_COPY and I can't make entry with that name in T185F - to maintain the screen sequence.

Can someone adjust how to resolve this issue? I believe I am making a simple mistake and not able to figure out how to maintain this screen sequence table. Please suggest