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Jul 16, 2020 at 07:35 AM

[BUG] Copy pasted image shows in editor but is not saved upon posting


Reported more than 3 years ago, and still not working. Hello! McFly!

Have to say, it is annoying to no end that instead of:

  1. Make screenshot
  2. Copy
  3. ALT-TAB to browser
  4. Paste

you have to:

  1. Make screenshot.
  2. Open Save File Dialog.
  3. Select folder to save the file to ("Not to my Pictures folder, because I only need this image this once, where shall I put it?").
  4. Name the file ("Let's see, something descriptive...hmmm").
  5. ALT-TAB to browser.
  6. Open Insert Image Dialog ("no, that is the link button, no that is the attach button, oh right, it's the button that looks like an image, I keep forgetting")
  7. Find selected folder ("where did I save it to again?")
  8. Find correct image file ("what did I name it again?")
  9. Upload the image.

The good news (for SAP) is, current system behavior discourages people from using screenshots, saving on storage space.

The bad news (for users) is, an image says more than a 1000 words, so type till your fingers bleed to explain where in the interface to enter that number ("It's in the menu called 'Tools', above the grey button with the yellow icon that looks like a testicle with a dollar sign. Under 'Other...' there is the 'Advanced' section. In the 'Shortcut' field select 'Qty' and then find the field named 'Bullocks', ...etc").