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Jul 14, 2020 at 02:05 PM

setTableBindingPath issue in SmartTable when the Binding Changes



I had defined below SmartTable in the XML View

<smartTable:SmartTable id="idSmartTableAll" tableType="ResponsiveTable" useVariantManagement="false" useTablePersonalisation="true" persistencyKey="SmartTableAnalytical_Explored" enableAutoBinding="true" demandPopin="true" useExportToExcel="false" showFullScreenButton="true" ignoredFields="" initiallyVisibleFields="Transformer_Name,Transformer_Type,Rated_Capacity,Load_Priority,Reason_Description1">

Below Code is in the Controller where i am passing the FromDate and ToDate as Parameter to the function loadEquipment2 and first Time SmartTable is displaying based on the FromDate and ToDate and second time for example i had passed different Dates and now the issue is there is no change in SmartTable and it is displaying with the previous Dates only and in the Network call there is no call is happening for the second time.

The Refresh of the SmartTable is not working.

loadEquipment2: function (FromDate, ToDate)


var that = this;

var oView = that.getView().byId("idSmartTableAll");

var url = "/LoadMain(IP_DATE_FROM='" + FromDate + "',IP_DATE_TO='" + ToDate + "')/Results";