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Jul 14, 2020 at 09:56 AM

SM20 shows a Z program triggered by ST22


Dear Experts,

The attached screen shot depicts the result of trans. SM20 for a specific time period.

All the records are for one user (User Name) and one host (Terminal Name).

The strange thing is that the log shows trans. code ST22 triggering a Z program.

I've searched and have found that SAP note : 320991 - 'Error codes during logon (list)' explains the entry :'Logon successful (type = E, Method = A)' as follows :

Type = Access type; E = Establishment of a shared memory area (internal call)

Methods = Authentication methods; A = Internal call via background processing, for example

I've also found out that program SAPMSSYC is related to ABAP Shared Objects Area Constructors, and that program RSTPDAMAIN is related to Debugging.

I've searched for any background activity for the specific user listed in the SM20 log, during the same time period of the listed log, but could not find any.

The question now is : what does trans. ST22 have to do with triggering any ABAP programs ?

As far as I know, ST22 lists the ABAP dumps.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Best regards.

Reda Khalifa