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Jul 15, 2020 at 02:04 PM

Recreating SUIM Query


I need to recreate the SUIM query of Users w/specific authorization objects in a recurring program. Can somebody help me see where I'm off? I follow the below logic. Often, my query returns way more users than the SAP's SUIM query.

First, I make sure I have the child roles included using the AGR_AGRS table.

Then, I query AGR_1251 table for the auth object I am looking for.

Next, I join the results of AGR_1251 with the results of the 1st query to find all of the roles w/the auth object.

Last, I join these results with the AGR_USERS table on the role name (AGR_NAME). This brings all the users assigned roles with the auth object.

Boy, I could really use help on this. Thanks!