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Jul 14, 2020 at 03:44 PM

ShowNewLinesOnTop= true Analysis for Office plugin


Hi Community,

I have the requirement that the user wants to have the number of plannable lines at the top of the crosstab instead of the bottom. I did some research and found the option to change the setting ShowNewLinesOnTop= true in the Analysis plug-in. This is exactly what I want if I understand the documentation correctly:

Setting and Setting Value: ShowNewLinesOnTop= true or false (default value)
Description: You use this setting to specify whether the new lines should be added to the bottom or to the top of the crosstab.The default value is False. This means that new lines are added to the bottom of the crosstab.If you change the value to True, the new lines are added to the top of the crosstab.

However, if I change the setting from false to true nothing changes in my planning query. Does anyone know why? Could it be that the function is different from what I have thought? Does anyone have a suggestion how I can meet the user's requirement?

Thank you!

Kind regards,