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Jul 14, 2020 at 11:14 AM

MD04 excluding receipts from coverage calculation


Hi folks,

is there any way to exclude purchase orders from material coverage calculation, that would fire exception 40 if there is no coverage from stock. I would like check exception 40 for red traffic light in settings. Im only interested in actual stock with just overview for receipts without including them in actual coverage (option with filters wont do the trick) . I have set ATP profile for order create and relese in OPJJ with receipts excluded and it works perfectly in CO09. I have assigned one of those ATP control profiles in MD04 checking rule and its getting right in available quantity but when I switch to period totals, there is sum of stock with purchase order which I cant get rid of from coverage calculation and exception 40 is not getting triggered. I also tried switch of most of the options in OMIL with no results on exception 40.