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Jul 14, 2020 at 02:43 AM

SPAU with red light even the adjustment was done for the web dynpros


Hi Experts,

After we upgrade the system from 740 SP7 to 740 SP22,we found that in SPAU under the folder "Without Modification Assistant", there are 2 web dynpro items was listed with the red light(It means these items need manual adjustment).

Even the adjustment was taken for these 2 web dynpros (previously, there are 2 nodes key duplicate, we already rename the duplicated one, then active the whole web dynpro, syntax check and ATP check aslo without any errors),in SPAU, these 2 items still listed with red light.

It's very strange we've already made the adjustment and the traffic light still is red in SPAU.

From notes 546801(Modification adjustment FAQ),we know execute program SAPRUPGM to change the green, yellow, or red traffic light symbols in the tree display.

However, in our case, it didn't take any effect, the light still is red.

we've found that if we change the field value of 'upgrade' to SPACE, the traffic light became green.

(In this program, only below 2 cases, the field 'upgrade' can set to SPACE, upgrade = 'X' and spau = 'X' and ( inactive = 'R' OR inactive = 'D'),in our own table the data like this:

upgrade = 'X' and spau = 'X' and inactive = SPACE, so the traffic light still is red.)

Can anyone tell me the reason why this issue happened?

Is there any way to change the light from red to green?

Thanks in advance.