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Jul 13, 2020 at 05:16 PM

Need Report Like MC.9 that includes Storage Type


Hello gurus,

We have plants that are IM only, and others that are WM. The IM plants have storage locations specific to production staging. The WM plants have storage types specific to production staging. I have searched unsuccessfully for a transaction or report that is like MC.9, that also includes storage type. We currently use MC.9 to run a report that highlights inventory in production staging that has not moved in 7 days or longer. I could run MC.9 for the IM locations, and LX02 for the WM locations, then merge the two, but I'd prefer to run only one report if a means to run only one exists. Or are there some tables I could link into a new query that I can create to serve this purpose?

Thanks in advance for thoughts everyone.