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Jul 15, 2020 at 06:47 AM

webi saved in Rich client, and then opened in html: The action cannot be performed. (Error: INF )

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Hi gurus,

I have searched the web and can find similar issues, all of them quite old, so I'm hoping for some help... Here it goes...

This concerns the creation, modification and viewing of Webi reports, and issues faced when swapping between the Preferences HTML/Applet/Desktop Rich Client in BI Launch Pad.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP2 version
Web Intelligence Desktop 4.2 SP3, build
No Java installed

  • Several reports are created using the browser BI Launchpad, with “Preference” setting HTML.
  • Since ”conditional formatting” was needed in some of the reports the HTML setting was not enough to modify them.
  • Since no java is installed (and will not be), I tried other options and by changing the Preferences to “Desktop Rich Client” in my BI Launch Pad I was able to open the report in the desktop application and perform my layout changes. I also opened and modified a few other reports, still using the rich client desktop setting (a REALLY bad idea!)
  • Ok, so now that I’ve changed my webi preferences back to HTML it is no longer possible to open the reports that I’ve once opened in the Desktop Rich Client. I get the error ”The action cannot be performed. (Error: INF )”
  • If I change the setting back to Desktop Rich client the reports work fine. The end users will use the browser though, so that it works for me in the desktop rich client is really not helpful...
  • The other reports, created and modified in HTML (same universe) will still open in HTML.

The conclution is that the Webi reports seem to be corrupt once they’ve been opened and saved using Desktop Rich Client.
How do I ”save” my corrupted webi reports? Do anyone have a workaround of how to be able to use the full functionality (like ”conditional formatting”) if a java installation is not an option?

Please advise!