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Jul 14, 2020 at 03:01 PM

calcutated parameter in a process


Hi Experts,

Is it possible to create and use calculated parameters in a process?

During the creation of the process instance, I see that there is the possibility to use formulas in defining parameters.

I would like to evaluate the parameter with a value derived from a previous parameter. For example, IP_YEAR is inserted with the value '2020' during the simulation and calculate I_YEAR1 with the formula IP_YEAR-1.

The formula is accepted in the parameter definition but when I run the simulation the function doesn’t work and return me this error “string is too long: "NXI"."Y100VCE000120087": line 70 col 23 (at pos 6209): Assigned value for parameter or variable "IP_YEAR1" exceeds the maximum length of 4 by 5”.

The same error is returned if I calculate IP_YEAR1 with the formula 2020-1.

Which is the correct syntax in the formula definition?

Thank you.