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Jul 13, 2020 at 02:39 PM

Value of of the Discount condition based on reference Billing Document


Hello Experts

Need your expert advice.

We recently have implemented a new discount condition with scale as below.

100 >> 10 %

200 >> 20 %

it is working fine in the sales order cycle (SO to Billing ) BUT when we are creating the return orders ( which also have the same pricing procedure) system is picking the value from Discount condition records [VK13] we want system should pick the amount from reference Billing Document.

Issue: We maintained the Discount records with scale considering Order, whenever the customer is placing the bulk order then only he is eligible for getting discount but at the time of returns, customer returns only very less quantity like 1 or 2 due to some defect in the product, hence system does not pick any discount at the time of return order because the quantity is less than scale we have maintained. It is creating the problem.

My Business wants, system should copy the amount from Billing instead of picking a recalculated value from Discount records [VK13] , suppose in Billing doc if the customer is getting 10% discount (as he placed more than 100 but less than 200) in Billing Doc then in return order also he should get 10%, nevertheless he is returning 1 qty only ( according the scale not discount on 1 qty).

Now Problem is I can not update discount starting scale from 1 >> 10%, 100 >> 10%, 200 >> 20, in this case if customer will place the order with less then qty then also he will be eligible to get 10% discount. hence I can not change scale.

Note: I can not change copy control settings due to only single discount condition, or other conditions we want to follow existing process ( determining pricing at the time of returning order)

Is there any way in SAP standard we can achieve it? any requirement/Alt cond calculation/ Scale basis ??

Any OSS note is helpful is such scenarios?

Awaiting your expert advice.