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Jul 15, 2020 at 02:57 PM

Work Items don't disappear from My Inbox app, but they disappear when opened from SBWP

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Dear Community,

In the activity step of the Workflow, a work item is sent to the responsible agents. When these work items are opened in T-Code: SBWP by double-clicking on these items, the WF resumes the execution of the subsequent steps and the Work item disappears from the SBWP inbox and also from the My Inbox FIORI app.

However, when the same work item is opened from the 'My Inbox' FIORI app using the 'Open Task' button, the work items still remain in the Inbox(both My Inbox Fiori app & SBWP), as a result, the WF execution is not resumed.

Do we need to do any additional configuration? to make the behavior of the 'My Inbox' FIORI app and the T-Code: SBWP consistent in terms of handling the work item.

Following is the SWFVISU configuration :

This work item is just to call a T-Code: IQS23 to view some information and no action is required in this step. When it disappears from the Inbox, it means that this Work Item is complete and the WF execution resumes with the subsequent steps.

Thanks for your time!




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