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Jul 15, 2020 at 04:56 PM

Pricing missing (VBAP-PRSOK) Message No. V1899

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We made a Template to create an offer in our country. Everything was ok ! Then we copy paste this template for another country but the prices are different and we don't know how to modify the template. (the person responsible for it is currently on vacation)

So I used this template to make my offer. I opened the offer tool to create an offer and modified the one fee prices and the annual prices.

My contract has been created without any problem

Then I tried to create the installation documents as I use to do but this message appear : "Pricing missing (VBAP-PRSOK) Message No. V1899" and I don't know why, the message is not really explicit.

I have some screenshot about the different steps, but it's kind of confidential and I can not publish here in public...