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Jul 14, 2020 at 09:06 PM

Remove remote source configuration after refresh of HANA


We have a BW on HANA environment that has a remote source connector configured from SAP HANA to SybaseIQ in both Production and non prod environments. After we take a backup from production and restore into QA, the production remote source connector comes with the refresh. When we try to delete the remote connector in QA that points to production, we get a message saying "The source and all depending virtual tables will be deleted. Please confirm."

We do NOT want to delete any production tables and only want to have the virtual tables connect to QA SybaseIQ (which we also configured a remote source connector from the QA SAP HANA to the QA SybaseIQ.) Now we have two remote source connectors configured. One pointing to prod and one to qa.

1. How can we drop the production remote connector without impacting production?

2. How can we alter the tables copied to QA to look to the QA owned schema as well since after a copy from prod, all are owned by prod user?