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Jul 14, 2020 at 04:02 PM

Vendor Specific Tolerance not working


Hi Experts,

Please help me map below scenario.

Po Price for 1 kg of X material is 1000. Now we may receive 25% more or less than than 1kg but in both the cases we have to pay 1000 only. Hence we maintained Upper & lower Vendor specific tolerance at 25% and assigned it to vendor master.

Now for example we received 0.75 Kg amting 750 rs. At invoice we want to pay Vendor as agreed 1000 rs. Invoice line item amt is 750 and 25% of this 187.50 which becomes 937.50. What i understand is the tolerance is calculating on line item amt. How can we map this on header level amount. Like we want to pay 1000 for 0.75kg and difference of 250 should go to DIF account.

please help..