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Jul 13, 2020 at 02:12 PM

Set up tables are not getting filled for PO: Schedule line items


Hi Guru's ,

I need your help in brining certain amount of data for 2LIS_02_SCL Extractor into SAP BW System.

Scenario is " There exists Some Orders in SAP ECC are delivery complete, but are still appearing as open in BW DSO Level " . I have checked the transforamtions field level routine implemented for this info object ..and every thing looks good . After going through lots of analasys and reading threds from the SCN, i have decied to fill the set up tables and bring the data (Considerd PO's for which i need to bring to BW ) but to my surprise data is not getting filled in set up tables (I have deleted the data from set up tables before filing )

I have created a Job in SM36 (Used standard ABAP Program RMC*** with sequnce of steps and executed ...). Job is getting finished but no entries are being filled in set up tables . I have checked couple of times to make sure i did not miss any stpes and asking your advice here ..

Please your help in resolving this problem.