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Jul 13, 2020 at 12:07 PM

ABSL: How to detect already picked serial numbers


We have created button and a mass data run based on the “automate” action of a custom business object called “SiteLogisticsTaskLic”.

The purpose of this action is automating the picking process for all outbound logistics tasks of a concrete warehouse (site id).

This site has products like licenses of software, and the automation do the following steps:

1. Get every outbound logistic task of site id XXXX using QuerySiteLogisticsTaskIn

2. For every obtained task:

2.1. For every line of the task

2.1.1. Search for serial numbers of product using QueryRegisteredProductIn

2.1.2. Confirm serial number using ManageLogisticTaskIn

We have a problem in the last steps, searching and confirming serial numbers:
Once a serial number is confirmed we can’t identify a change of any field that prevents that number to be used again (like a flag that indicates that the serial number is used).

Fields like Status and InventoryStatusCode do not change (some cases Inventory status changes to 1008 depending of the origin of the manufacturing process, migrated or manufactured, but not for all use cases).

We are searching (2.1.1) by product id, and empty owner (to prevent using a product with owner), but we need to detect if it is used or not (already confirmed or not).