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Jul 13, 2020 at 11:12 AM

SAF-T Norway Mapping and Recategorisation


Hello everyone,

thanks for the opporuntity to post a question here. As we are currenctly migrating to S/4 we have to work with the tables directly and cannot use the customizing which require the latest Support Packages.

We are in the process of implementing SAF-T Norway in our ECC system and some aspects of the mapping are not clear to us. We have global chart of accounts as well as a local chart of accounts for Norway. We have already established a mapping here with 1:n for global accounts to Norwegian accounts.

The Norwegian reporting standard (which is outlined by standard accounts) requires a separation of revenues with VAT and without VAT. Hence, there are two different standard accounts: 3000 (subject to VAT) and 3100 (not subject to VAT).

From OSS 2903103 we did the mapping between our local Norwegian accounts to the Norwegian standard accounts with table SNV_NO_MAP_ACCT. But when it comes to the ones where we post our revenues we do not know how to map them as we post on our accounts postings with and without VAT. So we would need to do some differentiation or re-categorisation by tax codes before the balances are reported to the Norwegian standard accounts. How would this ideally achieved?

There is a mapping of tax types as well with table SNV_NO_MAP_TAX which we already carried out. In how far does this assist with our issue?

Many thanks!
Best wishes,