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Jul 09, 2020 at 06:24 PM

XSA Deploying to a different tenant


Hi All,

I am struggling with a scenario where access to an external schema that is located in a different tenant DB and a different space. WEB IDE is not in the same space as the schema data.

Following is the MDC landscape that we have. All same HANA instance.


HNA - DEV space . WEBIDE is situated here. Other Non-hdi schema. can be accessed easily.

HN2 - Schema EPM_DEV as per instructions in SAP Help. Not accessable.

Developing in HNA and deploying a non-hdi schema is ok if its HNA. But build and deploy to HN2 is failing at the hdbgrant file with the following message.

Processing "cfg/hr.hdbgrants"...
Using grantor service "EPM_XXX-table-grantor" of type "sql"
Error: Error executing: GRANT "EPM_XXX::external_access_g" TO "HUB_HR_HUB_HR_DB_HDI_CONTAINER#OO";
(nested message: invalid user name: HUB_HR_HUB_HR_DB_HDI_CONTAINER#OO: line 1 col 39 (at pos 38))
grantor service: "EPM_XXX-table-grantor", type: "sql", user: "EPM_DEV"

The tenant ports are correct(30041) but definitely the object user doesnt exist on the subsequent tenant.

Recreating the whole EPM_DEV schema in HNA allows me to build the application but when deploying to HN2 the same error occurs.

How can I deploy an application to a total different tenant ? Do I have to activate cross-tenant-database access ? The whole application suppose to be in a tenant by itself but currently deployment is failing.

Hope somebody can help or have encountered similar situation.