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Jul 09, 2020 at 03:29 PM

OSRN and OSRI Tables to Find Status


Hi Everyone,

I am just writing a few queries and wanted to ask if someone could help with this one. I just want first to check an Serial Numbers status. Version 9.3 PL5.

In the OSRN table definition, it lists the column status as having a value of 0,1,2 to represent the status (Available, Unavailable and allocated). When i query this table all this column has is null. (Its a 5 year old database working with serial numbers all the time).

select * from OSRN where Status is not null
>> This Returns 0 Rows.

So is this column no longer used? does anyone know why the status column in OSRN is NULL?

So then I move onto OSRI, this has a status column, but it is only 0 or 1 (Available / Unavailable). This works OK, but Allocated would be a great addition.

So the question is, is there an easy way to get the serial number status of allocated? Or do i need to trawl through the SRI1 table to find its allocation?