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Jul 13, 2020 at 03:57 PM

How to enable Up- and Download ABAP<-> Google-sheets?



our company will completly change from Microsoft Excel to Google. That means that we will have to change all our ABAP-reports that at the moment enable the user to up- or download an Excel-file to up- or download Google-spreadsheet.

We worked through SAP's "Export of ALV Grid Data to Google Sheets" cookbook and also downloaded the whole coding from GitHub.

As this GitHub-Coding is without documentation in our system I need to know how to handle the replacement of our now used functionmodules i.e. GUI_UPLOAD, GUI_DOWNLOAD and WS_FILENAME_GET, as well as the method METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_open_dialog? For an up- or download we need to find the Google-paths as well as to grab the data from there or send there...
How do I have to code that?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Kind regards