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Jul 10, 2020 at 05:02 PM

[SAP Bydesign][URGENT]Problem when deploy solution to Customer's tenant


Dear Experts,

I am a developer from a partner of SAP Bydesign. I have developed a solution on my DEV tenant with my CustomerID. After test successfully all functions and package the solution, I deploy to Customer's tenant. But I see that some parts of my solution works on that tenant. The extension fields, custom BO, scripts work fine but the internal communication for exchange data from standard object to my custom BO and communication arrangement for external REST service not work. I have tried create a patch from that TEST tenant and everything work fine again, like on my DEV tenant. But when I apply that patch to original solution on that TEST tenant, I face the problem again. So does anyone has face this problem? Could you please give me some advice? I have report incident but they only ask me to check the SAP SDK document.