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Jul 10, 2020 at 07:00 AM

SCP: Subscriptions, Entitlements and Estimator tools


I am confused about SCP is definitely an understatement. I hope someone can throw some light and help to clear a few of this confusion.

I log in to my SCP cockpit and goto my subaccount. Under Subscriptions, I see there are 8 services and I have subscribed to two of them.

Now I goto Entitlements and see that there are 28 services. I see that all those services available under Subscriptions are also here. So what I understand is that some of the entitlements need a subscription, and some of them are automatically subscribed. Is this understanding right?

Now I goto SAP Cloud Estimator tool, and I see that I cannot see the price for a few Entitlement services like 'Destination', 'Connectivity', 'HTML5 Repository' etc. Why are they not listed here? and how to estimate their prices?

Advance thanks for any feedback on these questions.